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trait CoreBTypesProxyGlobalIndependent [ BTS ]
extends Object

This trait make some core BTypes availalbe that don't depend on a Global instance. Some core BTypes are required to be accessible in the BTypes trait, which does not have access to Global.

BTypes cannot refer to CoreBTypesProxy because some of its members depend on global, for example the type Symbol in def primitiveTypeMap: Map[Symbol, PrimitiveBType]

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] val bTypes : BTS
[+] def ObjectReference : ClassBType
[+] def RT_NOTHING : ClassBType
[+] def RT_NULL : ClassBType
[+] def boxedClasses : Set [ ClassBType ]
[+] def jioSerializableReference : ClassBType
[+] def jlCloneableReference : ClassBType