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object Primitives
extends Object with Serializable

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] object ADD

An arithmetic addition operation

[+] object AND

A bitwise AND operation

[+] object ASR

An arithmetic shift to the right

[+] class ArithmeticOp

This class represents an arithmetic operation.

[+] object CMP

A comparison operation with no default for NaNs

[+] object CMPG

A comparison operation with +1 default for NaNs

[+] object CMPL

A comparison operation with -1 default for NaNs

[+] class ComparisonOp

This class represents a comparison operation.

[+] object DIV

An arithmetic division operation

[+] object EQ

An equality test

[+] object EndConcat

type: (buf) => STR jvm : It should turn the StringBuffer into a String.

[+] object GE

A greater-than-or-equal test

[+] object GT

A greater-than test

[+] object LE

A less-than-or-equal test

[+] object LSL

A logical shift to the left

[+] object LSR

A logical shift to the right

[+] object LT

A less-than test

[+] class LogicalOp

This class represents a logical operation.

[+] object MUL

An arithmetic multiplication operation

[+] object NE

A non-equality test

[+] object NOT

Bitwise negation.

[+] object OR

A bitwise OR operation

[+] class Primitive

This class represents a primitive operation.

[+] class PrimitivePrinter

Pretty printer for primitives

[+] object REM

An arithmetic remainder operation

[+] object SUB

An arithmetic subtraction operation

[+] class ShiftOp

This class represents a shift operation.

[+] object StartConcat

Signals the beginning of a series of concatenations. On the JVM platform, it should create a new StringBuffer

[+] @Child @Child @Child @Child @Child @Child sealed abstract class TestOp

This class represents a test operation.

[+] object XOR

A bitwise XOR operation