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object Mode
extends Object with Serializable

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] val AllowLambdaWildcardApply : Mode

Allow hk applications of type lambdas to wildcard arguments; used for checking that such applications do not normally arise

[+] val CheckCyclic : Mode
[+] val FindHiddenImplicits : Mode

Are we trying to find a hidden implicit?

[+] val GADTflexible : Mode

Allow GADTFlexType labelled types to have their bounds adjusted

[+] val ImplicitExploration : Mode

We are currently in a viewExists check. In that case, ambiguous implicits checks are disabled and we succeed with the first implicit found.

[+] val ImplicitsEnabled : Mode
[+] val InPackageClauseName : Mode

We are elaborating the fully qualified name of a package clause. In this case, identifiers should never be imported.

[+] val InPatternAlternative : Mode

We are in a pattern alternative

[+] val InSuperCall : Mode

We are looking at the arguments of a supercall

[+] val InferringReturnType : Mode
[+] val InlineableBody : Mode

We are typing the body of an inline method

[+] val Interactive : Mode

We are in the IDE

[+] val None : Mode
[+] val OldOverloadingResolution : Mode

Use Scala2 scheme for overloading and implicit resolution

[+] val Pattern : Mode
[+] val PatternOrTypeBits : Mode
[+] val PrintShowExceptions : Mode

Don't suppress exceptions thrown during show

[+] val Printing : Mode

We are currently printing something: avoid to produce more logs about the printing

[+] val QuotedPattern : Mode

Are we in a quote in a pattern?

[+] val ReadComments : Mode

Read comments from definitions when unpickling from TASTY

[+] val ReadPositions : Mode

Read original positions when unpickling from TASTY

[+] val Scala2Unpickling : Mode

We are currently unpickling Scala2 info

[+] val StrictEquality : Mode

Assume -language:strictEquality

[+] val SynthesizeExtMethodReceiver : Mode

We are synthesizing the receiver of an extension method

[+] val Type : Mode
[+] val TypevarsMissContext : Mode

This mode bit is set if we collect information without reference to a valid context with typerstate and constraint. This is typically done when we cache the eligibility of implicits. Caching needs to be done across different constraints. Therefore, if TypevarsMissContext is set, subtyping becomes looser, and assumes that TypeParamRefs can be sub- and supertypes of anything. See TypeComparer.

[+] private val modeName : Array [ String ]
[+] def newMode ( bit: Int , name: String ) : Mode