final object NameKinds



final object AnyNumberedName
final object AnyQualifiedName
final object AnyUniqueName
abstract class ClassifiedNameKind
final object DefaultGetterName
abstract class NameInfo
abstract class NameKind
trait NumberedInfo
abstract class NumberedNameKind
final object OuterSelectName

Names of the form N_. Emitted by inliner, replaced by outer path in ExplicitOuter.

Names of the form N_. Emitted by inliner, replaced by outer path in ExplicitOuter.

class PrefixNameKind
final object PrefixNameKind
trait QualifiedInfo
class QualifiedNameKind
final object SignedName
final object SimpleTermNameKind
class SuffixNameKind
final object SuffixNameKind
case class UniqueNameKind
final object UniqueNameKind
final object VariantName
val AvoidClashName : SuffixNameKind
val DepParamName : UniqueNameKind
val DirectMethodName : SuffixNameKind
val EvidenceParamName : UniqueNameKind
val ExceptionBinderName : UniqueNameKind
val ExpandPrefixName : QualifiedNameKind
val ExpandedName : QualifiedNameKind
val ExtMethName : SuffixNameKind
val FieldName : SuffixNameKind
val FlatName : QualifiedNameKind
val InitializerName : PrefixNameKind
val InlineAccessorName : UniqueNameKind
val LazyBitMapName : UniqueNameKind
val LazyFieldOffsetName : UniqueNameKind
val LazyImplicitName : UniqueNameKind
val LazyLocalInitName : UniqueNameKind
val LazyLocalName : UniqueNameKind
val LiftedTreeName : UniqueNameKind
val ModuleClassName : SuffixNameKind
val ModuleVarName : SuffixNameKind
val NonLocalReturnKeyName : UniqueNameKind
val PatMatCaseName : UniqueNameKind
val PatMatMatchFailName : UniqueNameKind
val PatMatOName : UniqueNameKind
val PatMatPName : UniqueNameKind
val PatMatPiName : UniqueNameKind
val PatMatSelectorName : UniqueNameKind
val PatMatStdBinderName : UniqueNameKind
val ProtectedAccessorName : PrefixNameKind
val ProtectedSetterName : PrefixNameKind
val QualifiedName : QualifiedNameKind
val Scala2MethodNameKinds : List [ NameKind ]
val ShadowedName : PrefixNameKind
val SkolemName : UniqueNameKind
val SuperAccessorName : PrefixNameKind
val SuperArgName : UniqueNameKind
val TailLabelName : UniqueNameKind
val TempResultName : UniqueNameKind
val TraitSetterName : QualifiedNameKind
val UniqueExtMethName : UniqueNameKind
val UniqueName : UniqueNameKind
val WildcardParamName : UniqueNameKind
@sharable private val qualifiedNameKinds : HashMap [ Int, QualifiedNameKind ]
@sharable private val simpleNameKinds : HashMap [ Int, ClassifiedNameKind ]
@sharable private val uniqueNameKinds : HashMap [ String, UniqueNameKind ]
def qualifiedNameKindOfTag : Map [ Int, QualifiedNameKind ]
def simpleNameKindOfTag : Map [ Int, ClassifiedNameKind ]
def uniqueNameKindOfSeparator : Map [ String, UniqueNameKind ]