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object SymDenotations
extends Object with Serializable

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] final class BaseClassSet
[+] object BaseClassSet
[+] object BaseData
[+] trait BaseData

A cache for baseclasses, as a sequence in linearization order and as a set that can be queried efficiently for containment.

[+] class BaseDataBuilder

A class to combine base data from parent types

[+] private class BaseDataImpl
[+] class ClassDenotation

The contents of a class definition during a period

[+] trait InheritedCache

Base trait for caches that keep info dependent on inherited classes

[+] private abstract class InheritedCacheImpl
[+] private class InvalidCache
[+] abstract class LazyType

Instances of LazyType are carried by uncompleted symbols. Note: LazyTypes double up as (constant) functions from Symbol and from (TermSymbol, ClassSymbol) to LazyType. That way lazy types can be directly passed to symbol creation methods in Symbols that demand instances of these function types.

[+] object MemberNames
[+] trait MemberNames

A cache for sets of member names, indexed by a NameFilter

[+] private class MemberNamesImpl
[+] class ModuleCompleter

A lazy type for modules that points to the module class. Needed so that moduleClass works before completion. Completion of modules is always completion of the underlying module class, followed by copying the relevant fields to the module.

[+] @sharable class NoCompleter

A missing completer

[+] object NoCompleter
[+] @sharable object NoDenotation
[+] final class PackageClassDenotation

The denotation of a package class. It overrides ClassDenotation to take account of package objects when looking for members

[+] class StubInfo

A completer for missing references

[+] class SymDenotation

A sym-denotation represents the contents of a definition during a period.

[+] object SymDenotation

A sym-denotation represents the contents of a definition during a period.

A subtrait of LazyTypes where completerTypeParams yields a List[TypeSymbol], which should be completed independently of the info.

[+] @sharable private var indent : Int
[+] private val packageTypeName : TypeName