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object TreeUnpickler
extends Object with Serializable

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] class TreeWithoutOwner
[+] object UnpickleMode
[+] @Child @Child @Child sealed trait UnpickleMode

Define the expected format of the tasty bytes - TopLevel: Tasty that contains a full class nested in its package - Term: Tasty that contains only a term tree - TypeTree: Tasty that contains only a type tree or a reference to a type

[+] type MemberDefMode = Int

An enumeration indicating which subtrees should be added to an OwnerTree.

[+] final val AllDefs : 2
[+] final val MemberDefsOnly : 0
[+] final val NoMemberDefs : 1
[+] @sharable val PoisonTree : Tree

A marker value used to detect cyclic reference while unpickling definitions.