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object Parsers
extends Object with Serializable

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] private final class AddDeco
[+] private object AddDeco
[+] @sharable object Location
[+] case class OpInfo
[+] object OpInfo
[+] class OutlineParser

OutlineParser parses top-level declarations in source to find declared classes, ignoring their bodies (which must only have balanced braces). This is used to map class names to defining sources.

[+] @sharable object ParamOwner
[+] class ParensCounters
[+] class Parser
[+] abstract class ParserCommon
[+] object StageKind
[+] type StageKind = Int
[+] def parser ( source: SourceFile ) ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Parser

The parse starting point depends on whether the source file is self-contained: if not, the AST will be supplemented.