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class StoreReporter
extends Reporter

This class implements a Reporter that stores all messages

Beware that this reporter can leak memory, and force messages in two scenarios:

  • During debugging config.Printers.typr is set from noPrinter to new Printer, which forces the message
  • The reporter is not flushed and the message containers capture a Context (about 4MB)

[-] Constructors

StoreReporter ( outer: Reporter )

[-] Members

[+] protected var infos : ListBuffer [ MessageContainer ]
[+] private val outer : Reporter
[+] def doReport ( m: MessageContainer ) ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Unit

Report a diagnostic

[+] override def errorsReported : Boolean

Have errors been reported by this reporter, or in the case where this is a StoreReporter, by an outer reporter?

[+] override def hasUnreportedErrors : Boolean

Does this reporter contain errors that have yet to be reported by its outer reporter ? Note: this is always false when there is no outer reporter.

[+] protected def infos_= ( x$1: ListBuffer [ MessageContainer ] ) : Unit
[+] override def removeBufferedMessages ( implicit ctx: Context ) : List [ MessageContainer ]

If this reporter buffers messages, remove and return all buffered messages.