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[-] Members

[+] class ExtendMessage

An extended message keeps the contained message from being evaluated, while allowing for extension for the msg string

This is useful when we need to add additional information to an existing message.

[+] abstract class Message

A Message contains all semantic information necessary to easily comprehend what caused the message to be logged. Each message can be turned into a MessageContainer which contains the log level and can later be consumed by a subclass of Reporter. However, the error position is only part of MessageContainer, not Message.

NOTE: you should not be persisting Most messages take an implicit Context and these contexts weigh in at about 4mb per instance, as such persisting these will result in a memory leak.

Instead use the persist method to create an instance that does not keep a reference to these contexts.

[+] object Message
[+] class MessageContainer
[+] object MessageContainer
[+] class NoExplanation

The fallback Message containing no explanation and having no kind

[+] object NoExplanation

The extractor for NoExplanation can be used to check whether any error lacks an explanation

[+] object messages