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trait ThunkHolder
extends Object

Create and hold thunks. A thunk is a (potentially) unevaluated value that may be evaluated once.

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] private val thunks : ListBuffer [ Lazy [ Nothing <: Any ] ]
[+] @tailrec protected final def forceThunks ( ) : Unit

Force all unevaluated thunks to prevent space leaks.

[+] def lzy ( t: => T ) : Lazy [ T ]

Store the by-name parameter s in a Lazy container without evaluating it. It will be forced by the next call to forceThunks()

[+] def strict2lzy ( t: T ) : Lazy [ T ]

Store the parameter s in a Lazy container, since s is not by-name, there is nothing to force.

TODO: Get rid of this method. It is only needed because some xsbti.api classes take lazy arguments when they could be strict, but this can be fixed in sbt, see