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object Implicits
extends Object with Serializable

Implicit resolution

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] class AmbiguousImplicits

An ambiguous implicits failure

[+] case class Candidate

An eligible implicit candidate, consisting of an implicit reference and a nesting level

[+] object Candidate

The implicit references coming from the context.

[+] class DivergingImplicit
[+] abstract class ImplicitRefs

A common base class of contextual implicits and of-type implicits which represents a set of references to implicit definitions.

[+] class MismatchedImplicit
[+] @sharable object NoMatchingImplicits
[+] class OfTypeImplicits

The implicit references coming from the implicit scope of a type.

[+] class RenamedImplicitRef

An implicit definition implicitRef that is visible under a different name, alias. Gets generated if an implicit ref is imported via a renaming import.

[+] case class SearchFailure

A failed search

[+] object SearchFailure
[+] abstract class SearchFailureType
[+] @Child @Child sealed abstract class SearchResult

The result of an implicit search

[+] case class SearchSuccess

A successful search

[+] object SearchSuccess

A successful search

[+] @sharable val NoMatchingImplicitsFailure : SearchFailure