Dotty Documentation


class ParsedComment
extends Object

A parsed doc comment.

[-] Constructors

ParsedComment ( comment: Comment )

[-] Members

[+] private type Bounds = ( Int, Int )

The bounds of a section that represents the [start; end[ char offset of the section within this comment's content.

[+] val comment : Comment
[+] val content : String

The content of this comment, after expansion if possible.

[+] lazy val mainDoc : String

The "main" documentation for this comment. That is, the comment before any section starts.

[+] private lazy val paramDocs : Map [ String, Bounds ]

Maps a parameter name to the bounds of its doc

[+] private lazy val tagIndex : List [ Bounds ]

An index that marks all sections boundaries

[+] private def clean ( str: String ) : String

Cleans str: remove prefixing * and trim the string.

[+] def paramDoc ( name: TermName ) : Option [ String ]

The @param section corresponding to name.

[+] def renderAsMarkdown ( implicit ctx: Context ) : String

Renders this comment as markdown.

The different sections are formatted according to the mapping in knownTags.