Dotty Documentation


class Diagnostics
extends Object

Diagnostic information about the internals of this set. Not normally needed by ordinary code, but may be useful for diagnosing performance problems

[-] Constructors

Diagnostics ( )

[-] Members

[+] def bucketsCount : Int

Number of buckets in the table

[+] def collisionBucketsCount : Int

Number of buckets that hold collisions. Useful for diagnosing performance issues.

[+] def dump : String

Produces a diagnostic dump of the table that underlies this hash set.

[+] def fullBucketsCount : Int

Number of buckets that are occupied in this hash table.

[+] def fullyValidate ( ) : Unit

Verify that the internal structure of this hash set is fully consistent. Throws an assertion error on any problem. In order for it to be reliable the entries must be stable. If any are garbage collected during validation then an assertion may inappropriately fire.