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[+] object Attachment

A class inheriting from Attachment.Container supports adding, removing and lookup of attachments. Attachments are typed key/value pairs.

Attachments whose key is an instance of StickyKey will be kept when the attachments are copied using withAttachmentsFrom.

[+] object CommentParsing

The comment parsing in dotc is used by both the comment cooking and the dottydoc tool.

The comment cooking is used to expand comments with <invalid inheritdoc annotation> and @define annotations. The rest of the comment is untouched and later handled by dottydoc.

[+] object DiffUtil
[+] class DotClass

Adds standard functionality to a class. For now: Just the unsupported method.

[+] abstract class FreshNameCreator
[+] object FreshNameCreator
[+] class HashSet

A hash set that allows some privileged protected access to its internals

[+] object HashSet

A hash set that allows some privileged protected access to its internals

[+] class LRUCache

A least-recently-used cache for Key -> Value computations It currently keeps the last 8 associations, but this can be changed to anywhere between 2 and 16 by changing LRUCache.Retained.

Implementation: We keep a ring of eight places, linked with the next data structure. The ring models a priority queue. last points to the last element of the queue, and next(last) to the first one. Lookups compare keys sequentially from first to last. Elements with successful lookup get promoted to be first in the queue. Elements are evicted at the last position.

[+] object LRUCache
[+] object NameTransformer

Provides functions to encode and decode Scala symbolic names.

[+] @sharable object NoSource
[+] @sharable object NoSourcePosition

A sentinel for a non-existing source position

[+] class ParsedComment

A parsed doc comment.

[+] object ParsedComment
[+] object Property

Defines a key type with which to tag properties, such as attachments or context properties

[+] object ScriptSourceFile
[+] abstract class Set

A common class for lightweight sets.

[+] object ShowPickled
[+] object Signatures
[+] abstract class SimpleIdentityMap

A simple linked map with eq as the key comparison, optimized for small maps. It has linear complexity for apply, updated, and remove.

[+] object SimpleIdentityMap
[+] abstract class SimpleIdentitySet

A simple linked set with eq as the comparison, optimized for small sets. It has linear complexity for contains, +, and -.

[+] object SimpleIdentitySet
[+] final class SixteenNibbles

An efficient implementation of sequences of 16 indexed elements with values 0..15 in a single Long.

[+] object SixteenNibbles
[+] class SourceFile
[+] object SourceFile
[+] case class SourcePosition

A source position is comprised of a span and a source file

[+] object SourcePosition

A source position is comprised of a span and a source file

[+] object Spans

The offsets part of a full position, consisting of 2 or 3 entries: - start: the start offset of the span, in characters from start of file - end : the end offset of the span - point: if given, the offset where a sing;le ^ would be logically placed

& Spans are encoded according to the following format in little endian: Start: unsigned 26 Bits (works for source files up to 64M) End: unsigned 26 Bits Point: unsigned 12 Bits relative to start NoSpan encoded as -1L (this is a normally invalid span because point would lie beyond end).

[+] @sharable object Stats
[+] final class Store
[+] object Store
[+] object Util
[+] final class WeakHashSet

A HashSet where the elements are stored weakly. Elements in this set are eligible for GC if no other hard references are associated with them. Its primary use case is as a canonical reference identity holder (aka "hash-consing") via findEntryOrUpdate

This Set implementation cannot hold null. Any attempt to put a null in it will result in a NullPointerException

This set implementation is not in general thread safe without external concurrency control. However it behaves properly when GC concurrently collects elements in this set.

[+] object WeakHashSet

Companion object for WeakHashSet

[+] object common

Common values hoisted out for performance