Dotty Documentation


class VirtualFile
extends AbstractFile

This class implements an in-memory file.

[-] Constructors

VirtualFile ( name: String , path: String )
VirtualFile ( name: String )
VirtualFile ( name: String , content: Array [ Byte ] )

[-] Members

[+] private var content : Array [ Byte ]
[+] val name : String

Returns the name of this abstract file.

[+] override val path : String

Returns the path of this abstract file.

[+] def absolute : AbstractFile

The absolute file, if this is a relative file.

[+] def container : AbstractFile

Returns the containing directory of this abstract file

[+] def create ( ) : Unit

Does this abstract file denote an existing file?

[+] def delete ( ) : Unit

Delete the underlying file or directory (recursively).

[+] def input : InputStream

returns an input stream so the file can be read

[+] def isDirectory : Boolean

Is this abstract file a directory?

[+] override def isVirtual : Boolean

Does this abstract file correspond to something on-disk?

[+] def iterator : Iterator [ AbstractFile ]

Returns all abstract subfiles of this abstract directory.

[+] def jpath : JPath

Returns null.

[+] def lastModified : Long

Returns the time that this abstract file was last modified.

[+] def lookupName ( name: String , directory: Boolean ) : AbstractFile

Returns the abstract file in this abstract directory with the specified name. If there is no such file, returns null. The argument "directory" tells whether to look for a directory or or a regular file.

[+] def lookupNameUnchecked ( name: String , directory: Boolean ) : AbstractFile

Returns an abstract file with the given name. It does not check that it exists.

[+] override def output : OutputStream

Returns an output stream for writing the file

[+] override def sizeOption : Option [ Int ]

size of this file if it is a concrete file.