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[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] object BasicFilters

Filters for simple operation of a terminal: cursor-navigation (including with all the modifier keys), enter/ctrl-c-exit, etc.

[+] object GUILikeFilters

Filters have hook into the various {Ctrl,Shift,Fn,Alt}x{Up,Down,Left,Right} combination keys, and make them behave similarly as they would on a normal GUI text editor: alt-{left, right} for word movement, hold-down-shift for text selection, etc.

[+] class HistoryFilter

Provides history navigation up and down, saving the current line, a well as history-search functionality (Ctrl R in bash) letting you quickly find & filter previous commands by entering a sub-string.

[+] object HistoryFilter
[+] object ReadlineFilters

Filters for injection of readline-specific hotkeys, the sort that are available in bash, python and most other interactive command-lines

[+] case class UndoFilter

A filter that implements "undo" functionality in the ammonite REPL. It shares the same Ctrl - hotkey that the bash undo, but shares behavior with the undo behavior in desktop text editors:

  • Multiple deletes in a row get collapsed
  • In addition to edits you can undo cursor movements: undo will bring your cursor back to location of previous edits before it undoes them
  • Provides "redo" functionality under Alt -/Esc -: un-undo the things you didn't actually want to undo!
[+] object UndoFilter
[+] sealed class UndoState
[+] object UndoState