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[+] object Ansi
[+] class AnsiNav
[+] object AnsiNav
[+] case class ClearScreen
[+] object ClearScreen
[+] object Debug

Prints stuff to an ad-hoc logging file when running the repl or terminal in development mode

Very handy for the common case where you're debugging terminal interactions and cannot use println because it will stomp all over your already messed up terminal state and block debugging. With [[Debug]], you can have a separate terminal open tailing the log file and log as verbosely as you want without affecting the primary terminal you're using to interact with Ammonite.

[+] abstract class DelegateFilter

A filter as an abstract class, letting you provide a [[filter]] instead of an op, automatically providing a good .toString for debugging, and providing a reasonable "place" inside the inheriting class/object to put state or helpers or other logic associated with the filter.

[+] object Exit
[+] object Filter

Convenience constructors to create [[Filter]] instances in a bunch of different ways

[+] trait Filter

The way you configure your terminal behavior; a trivial wrapper around a function, though you should provide a good .toString method to make debugging easier. The [[TermInfo]] and [[TermAction]] types are its interface to the terminal.

[[Filter]]s are composed sequentially: if a filter returns None the next filter is tried, while if a filter returns Some that ends the cascade. While your op function interacts with the terminal purely through immutable case classes, the Filter itself is free to maintain its own state and mutate it whenever, even when returning None to continue the cascade.

[+] object FilterTools

A collection of helpers that to simpify the common case of building filters

[+] object FrontEndUtils

Created by haoyi on 8/29/15.

[+] object Interrupt
[+] case class LazyList

A truly-lazy implementation of scala.Stream

[+] object LazyList
[+] case class Printing
[+] object Printing
[+] case class Prompt
[+] object Prompt
[+] case class Result
[+] object Result
[+] object SpecialKeys

One place to assign all the esotic control key input snippets to easy-to-remember names

[+] object TTY
[+] trait TermAction
[+] case class TermInfo
[+] object TermInfo
[+] case class TermState
[+] object TermState
[+] object Terminal

The core logic around a terminal; it defines the base filters API through which anything (including basic cursor-navigation and typing) interacts with the terminal.

Maintains basic invariants, such as "cursor should always be within the buffer", and "ansi terminal should reflect most up to date TermState"