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package scala.compiletime
extends Object with Serializable

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] @Child @Child sealed abstract class Shape

The shape of an ADT. This is either a product (Case) or a sum (Cases) of products.

[+] object Shape
[+] type S = Nothing <: Int
[+] @Body inline def code ( self: => StringContext ) ( args: => [ Any ] ) : String

Returns the string representations for code passed in the interpolated values

inline def logged(p1: => Any) = {
  val c = code"code: $p1"
  val res = p1
  (c, p1)

is equivalent to:

("code: indentity("foo")", indentity("foo"))
[+] @Body inline def constValue : T
[+] @Body inline def constValueOpt : Option [ T ]
[+] erased def erasedValue : T
[+] @Body inline def error ( msg: String ) : Nothing

The error method is used to produce user-defined compile errors during inline expansion. If an inline expansion results in a call error(msgStr) the compiler produces an error message containing the given msgStr.

error("My error message")


error(code"My error of this code: ${println("foo")}")