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package scalaShadowing

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[+] object language

The scala.language object controls the language features available to the programmer, as proposed in the [[ '''SIP-18 document''']].

Each of these features has to be explicitly imported into the current scope to become available: {{{ import language.postfixOps // or language._ List(1, 2, 3) reverse }}}

The language features are: - [[dynamics dynamics]] enables defining calls rewriting using the [[scala.Dynamic Dynamic]] trait - [[postfixOps postfixOps]] enables postfix operators - [[reflectiveCalls reflectiveCalls]] enables using structural types - [[implicitConversions implicitConversions]] enables defining implicit methods and members - [[higherKinds higherKinds]] enables writing higher-kinded types - [[existentials existentials]] enables writing existential types - [[experimental experimental]] contains newer features that have not yet been tested in production

and, for dotty:

  • [[Scala2 Scala2] backwards compatibility mode for Scala2
  • [[noAtoTupling noAutoTupling]] disable auto-tupling
  • [[strictEquality strictEquality]] enable strick equality