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Working with the Backend

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The compiler backend is based on a fork of the Scala 2.11 GenBCode backend and lives at

The Dotty source tree contains a git submodule in the directory scala-backend that points to this fork. We do not compile every file in this submodule, instead we add the subset of files we need to the dotty-compiler project in the sbt build.

The most important thing to know when working with git submodules is that their content is not automatically updated when you do git checkout or git pull, instead everytime you switch branch, you need to do:

$ git submodule update --init

Environment setup

  1. Set the following git configuration options to make working with submodules easier, see the Git Book for more information:
$ git config --global diff.submodule log
$ git config --global status.submodulesummary 1
$ git config --global push.recurseSubmodules check
  1. Fork scala from github

(in the following commands, dotty-staging/scala is used as a placeholder for your own fork).

  1. Add the new remote to track the upstream branch
$ cd scala-backend
$ git remote add scala-staging
$ cd ..

Workflow when changing to the backend

$ cd scala-backend
$ git checkout -b my-feature-branch

# Make some changes ...
$ git push -u scala-backend

# Open a PR against
$ cd ..

Once your PR has been merged into the backend, you'll need to make another PR against Dotty itself to update the backend, the following commands should be run in the root Dotty repository, not in the submodule:

# The --remote option will update the submodule to the latest commit in the
# branch
git submodule update --init --remote

git commit -am "Update backend to include ..."
# Then push and make a PR against Dotty as usual