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Named Type Arguments

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Type arguments of methods can now be named, as well as by position. Example:

def construct[Elem, Coll[_]](xs: Elem*): Coll[Elem] = ???

val xs2 = construct[Coll = List, Elem = Int](1, 2, 3)
val xs3 = construct[Coll = List](1, 2, 3)

Similar to a named value argument (x = e), a named type argument [X = T] instantiates the type parameter X to the type T. Type arguments must be all named or un-named, mixtures of named and positional type arguments are not supported.

The main benefit of named type arguments is that they allow some arguments to be omitted. Indeed, if type arguments are named, some arguments may be left out. An example is the definition of xs3 above. A missing type argument is inferred as usual by local type inference. The same is not true for positional arguments, which must always be provided for all type parameters.