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class Resident
extends Driver

A compiler which stays resident between runs. This is more of a PoC than something that's expected to be used often



dotc> "more options and files to compile"


dotc> :reset // reset all options to the ones passed on the command line


dotc> :q // quit

[-] Constructors

Resident ( )

[-] Members

[+] object residentCompiler
[+] private val prompt : String
[+] private val quit : String
[+] private val reset : String
[+] private def getLine ( ) : String
[+] override final def process ( args: Array [ String ] , rootCtx: Context ) : Reporter

Entry point to the compiler using a custom Context.

In most cases, you do not need a custom Context and should instead use one of the other overloads of process. However, the other overloads cannot be overridden, instead you should override this one which they call internally.

Usage example: [[]] in method runCompilerWithContext

[+] override def sourcesRequired : Boolean