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object ZipAndJarClassPathFactory
extends Object with ZipAndJarFileLookupFactory with Serializable

Manages creation of classpath for class files placed in zip and jar files. It should be the only way of creating them as it provides caching.

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] private case class ManifestResourcesClassPath

This type of classpath is closely related to the support for JSR-223. Its usage can be observed e.g. when running: jrunscript -classpath scala-compiler.jar;scala-reflect.jar;scala-library.jar -l scala with a particularly prepared scala-library.jar. It should have all classes listed in the manifest like e.g. this entry: Name: scala/Function2$mcFJD$sp.class

[+] private object ManifestResourcesClassPath
[+] private case class ZipArchiveClassPath
[+] private object ZipArchiveClassPath
[+] protected override def createForZipFile ( zipFile: AbstractFile ) : ClassPath
[+] private def createWithoutUnderlyingFile ( zipFile: AbstractFile ) : ManifestResourcesClassPath