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trait ParamInfo
extends Object

A common super trait of Symbol and LambdaParam. Used to capture the attributes of type parameters which can be implemented as either.

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] type ThisName = Nothing <: Name
[+] def isTypeParam ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Boolean

Is this the info of a type parameter? Will return false for symbols that are not type parameters.

[+] def paramInfo ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Type

The info of the type parameter

[+] def paramInfoAsSeenFrom ( prefix: Type ) ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Type

The info of the type parameter as seen from a prefix type. For type parameter symbols, this is the memberInfo as seen from prefix. For type lambda parameters, it's the same as paramInfos as asSeenFrom has already been applied to the whole type lambda.

[+] def paramInfoOrCompleter ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Type

The parameter bounds, or the completer if the type parameter is an as-yet uncompleted symbol.

[+] def paramName ( implicit ctx: Context ) : ThisName

The name of the type parameter

[+] def paramRef ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Type

A type that refers to the parameter

[+] def paramVariance ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Int

The variance of the type parameter