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[+] object Bench

A main class for running compiler benchmarks. Can instantiate a given number of compilers and run each (sequentially) a given number of times on the same sources.

[+] class CompilationUnit
[+] object CompilationUnit
[+] class Compiler

The central class of the dotc compiler. The job of a compiler is to create runs, which process given phases in a given rootContext.

[+] class Driver

Run the Dotty compiler.

Extending this class lets you customize many aspect of the compilation process, but in most cases you only need to call [[process]] on the existing object [[Main]].

[+] object Main

Main class of the dotc batch compiler.

[+] class Resident

A compiler which stays resident between runs. This is more of a PoC than something that's expected to be used often



dotc> "more options and files to compile"


dotc> :reset // reset all options to the ones passed on the command line


dotc> :q // quit

[+] class Run

A compiler run. Exports various methods to compile source files