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class PostTyper

A macro transform that runs immediately after typer and that performs the following functions:

(1) Add super accessors (@see SuperAccessors)

(2) Convert parameter fields that have the same name as a corresponding public parameter field in a superclass to a forwarder to the superclass field (corresponding = super class field is initialized with subclass field) (@see ForwardParamAccessors)

(3) Add synthetic methods (@see SyntheticMethods)

(4) Check that New nodes can be instantiated, and that annotations are valid

(5) Convert all trees representing types to TypeTrees.

(6) Check the bounds of AppliedTypeTrees

(7) Insert .package for selections of package object members

(8) Replaces self references by name with this

(9) Adds SourceFile annotations to all top-level classes and objects

(10) Adds Child annotations to all sealed classes

(11) Minimizes call fields of Inlined nodes to just point to the toplevel class from which code was inlined.

The reason for making this a macro transform is that some functions (in particular super and protected accessors and instantiation checks) are naturally top-down and don't lend themselves to the bottom-up approach of a mini phase. The other two functions (forwarding param accessors and synthetic methods) only apply to templates and fit mini-phase or subfunction of a macro phase equally well. But taken by themselves they do not warrant their own group of miniphases before pickling.

[-] Constructors

PostTyper ( )

[-] Members

[+] val paramFwd : ParamForwarding
[+] val superAcc : SuperAccessors
[+] val synthMth : SyntheticMethods
[+] override def changesMembers : Boolean

Can this transform create or delete non-private members?

[+] override def checkPostCondition ( tree: Tree ) ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Unit

Check what the phase achieves, to be called at any point after it is finished.

[+] private def checkValidJavaAnnotation ( annot: Tree ) ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Unit
[+] private def newPart ( tree: Tree ) : Option [ New ]
[+] protected def newTransformer ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Transformer
[+] override def phaseName : String

the following two members override abstract members in Transform

[+] override def transformPhase ( implicit ctx: Context ) : Phase

The phase in which the transformation should be run. By default this is the phase given by the this macro transformer, but it could be overridden to be the phase following that one.