Dotty Documentation



[-] Constructors

[-] Members

This DocMiniPhase adds the alternate constructors, currently defined as methods with the name <init>, to the Entity#constructors list

[+] class ContextDottydoc
[+] case class Counters
[+] object Counters
[+] class DocASTPhase
[+] class DocImplicitsPhase
[+] class DocstringPhase

Phase to add docstrings to the Dottydoc AST

[+] class LinkCompanions
[+] class LinkParamListTypes
[+] class LinkReturnTypes
[+] class LinkSuperTypes
[+] class SortMembers

This DocMiniPhase sorts the members of all classes, traits, objects and packages

[+] case class Statistics
[+] object Statistics
[+] class StatisticsPhase
[+] trait TypeLinker
[+] class UsecasePhase
[+] object transform