class TastyBuffer(initialSize: Int)

A byte array buffer that can be filled with bytes or natural numbers in TASTY format, and that supports reading and patching addresses represented as natural numbers.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def assemble(): Unit

Hook to be overridden in subclasses. Perform all actions necessary to assemble the final byte array. After assemble no more output actions to this buffer are permitted.

The address referring to the end of data written so far

def fillAddr(at: Addr, target: Addr): Unit

Fill reserved space at address at with address target

def getAddr(at: Addr): Addr

The address (represented as a natural number) at address at

def getByte(at: Addr): Int

The byte at given address

def getLongNat(at: Addr): Long

The long natural number at address at

def getNat(at: Addr): Int

The natural number at address at

def putNat(at: Addr, x: Int, width: Int): Unit

Write natural number x right-adjusted in a field of width bytes starting with address at.

Reserve AddrWidth bytes to write an address into

final def skipNat(at: Addr): Addr

The address after the natural number found at address at.

final def skipZeroes(at: Addr): Addr

The smallest address equal to or following at which points to a non-zero byte

def writeAddr(addr: Addr): Unit

Write address without leading zeroes

def writeByte(b: Int): Unit

Write a byte of data.

def writeBytes(data: Array[Byte], n: Int): Unit

Write the first n bytes of data.

def writeInt(x: Int): Unit

Write a natural number in 2's complement big endian format, base 128. All but the last digits have bit 0x80 set.

Like writeInt, but for longs

Like writeNat, but for longs. Note that the binary representation of LongNat is identical to Nat if the long value is in the range Int.MIN_VALUE to Int.MAX_VALUE.

def writeNat(x: Int): Unit

Write a natural number in big endian format, base 128. All but the last digits have bit 0x80 set.

Write an uncompressed Long stored in 8 bytes in big endian format

Concrete fields

The current byte array, will be expanded as needed

var length: Int

The number of bytes written