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package scala.annotation

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] trait RefiningAnnotation

A base trait for annotations that yield proper subtypes of the types they annotate. Refining annotations are more "sticky" than normal ones. They are conceptually kept around when normal refinements would also not be stripped away.

[+] final class alpha

An annotation that defines an external name for a definition. If an alpha(extname) annotation is given for a method or some other definition, its implementation will use the name extname instead of the regular name. An alpha annotation is mandatory for definitions with symbolic names.

[+] @param class constructorOnly

An annotation that goes on parameters of classes or traits. It asserts that the parameter is used only for initialization and is not kept in the class as a field. Violations of this assertion are flagged as compile errors. The annotation is particularly useful for implicit parameters since for these a textual scan is not sufficient to know where they are used.

[+] final class infix

A method annotation that suggests that the annotated method should be used as an infix operator. Infix operations with alphanumeric operator names require the operator to be annotated with @infix.

[+] @setter @param @beanSetter @beanGetter @getter @field final class static
[+] final class threadUnsafe

This annotation can only be used on a field which defines a lazy val. When this annotation is used, the initialization of the lazy val will use a faster mechanism which is not thread-safe.