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package scala.annotation.internal

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] class Alias

An annotation to record a Scala2 pickled alias.

[+] class AnnotationDefault

An annotation to tag Java annotation default values

[+] final class Body

The class associated with a BodyAnnotation, which indicates an inline method's right hand side

[+] class Child

An annotation to indicate a child class or object of the annotated class. E.g. if we have

sealed class A case class B() extends A case class C() extends A

Then the class symbol A would carry the annotations @Child[Cref], @Child[Bref] where Bref, Cref are TypeRefs referring to the class symbols of B and C.

Child annotations always appear in reverse order of textual occurrence. I.e. in the example above, it is guaranteed that the child annotation for C appears before the one for B.

TODO: This should be Child[T <: AnyKind]

[+] final class InlineParam

An annotation produced by Namer to indicate an inline parameter

[+] final class Repeated

An annotation produced by desugaring to indicate that a sequence is a repeated parameter. I.e.

T*  is expanded by Desugar to    Seq[T] @Repeated
[+] class SourceFile

An annotation to record a Scala2 pickled alias.

[+] class sharable

An annotation indicating to -Ycheck:reentrant that a class or val can be safely shared.

[+] class unshared

An annotation indicating to -Ycheck:reentrant that an object will not be accessed from multiple threads.