given MapFromExpr[T, U](using `x$1`: Type[T], `x$2`: Type[U], `x$3`: FromExpr[T], `x$4`: FromExpr[U]): FromExpr[Map[T, U]]

Default implementation of FromExpr[Map] - Unlifts '{Map(x1, ..., xn)} into Some(Map(x1, ..., xn)) if all xi are unliftable - Unlifts '{Map.empty} into Some(Map()) - Otherwise unlifts to None

Value members

Concrete methods

def unapply(x: Expr[Map[T, U]])(using Quotes): Option[Map[T, U]]

Concrete fields

protected val `x$1`: Type[T]
protected val `x$2`: Type[U]
protected val `x$3`: FromExpr[T]
protected val `x$4`: FromExpr[U]