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package scala.quoted
extends Object with Serializable

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] package scala.quoted.matching
[+] package
[+] @Child @Child @Child sealed abstract class Expr
[+] object Expr
[+] object Liftable

Some liftable base types. To be completed with at least all types that are valid Scala literals. The actual implementation of these typed could be in terms of ast.tpd.Literal; the test quotable.scala gives an alternative implementation using just the basic staging system.

[+] trait Liftable

A typeclass for types that can be turned to quoted.Expr[T] without going through an explicit '{...} operation.

[+] class QuoteContext

Quotation context provided by a macro expansion or in the scope of Used to perform all operations on quoted Expr or Type.

It contains the low-level Typed AST API tasty meta-programming API. This API does not have the static type guarantiees that Expr and Type provide.

[+] object QuoteContext
[+] @deprecated class QuoteError

Throwing this error in the implementation of a macro will result in a compilation error with the given message.

[+] @deprecated object QuoteError
[+] object Toolbox
[+] @implicitNotFound trait Toolbox
[+] @Child @Child @Child sealed abstract class Type
[+] object Type

Some basic type tags, currently incomplete

[+] def run ( expr: implicit QuoteContext => Expr [ T ] ) ( implicit toolbox: Toolbox ) : T
[+] def withQuoteContext ( thunk: implicit QuoteContext => T ) ( implicit toolbox: Toolbox ) : T