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Implied Imports

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A special form of import is used to import implied instances. Example:

object A {
  class TC
  implied tc for TC
  def f given TC = ???
object B {
  import A._
  import implied A._

In the code above, the import A._ clause of object B will import all members of A except the implied instance tc. Conversely, the second import import implied A._ will import only that implied instance.

Generally, a normal import clause brings all definitions except implied instances into scope whereas an import implied clause brings only implied instances into scope.

There are two main benefits arising from these rules:

  • It is made clearer where implied instances in scope are coming from. In particular, it is not possible to hide imported implied instances in a long list of regular imports.
  • It enables importing all implied instances without importing anything else. This is particularly important since implied instances can be anonymous, so the usual recourse of using named imports is not practical.