0.1.2 release notes

0.1.2 will be the first public release of Dotty. Being the first one, these notes are incomplete. This document is a work in progress until 0.1.2-final is released. These notes are up-to-date based on 0.1.2-RC1 and will be updated with changes that happen during the RC stabilization cycle.

Required Java Version

Dotty 0.1.2 targets Java 8. We don't have plans to add support for earlier versions of Java.

IDE support for Dotty

Reporting Bugs / Known Issues

Please file any bugs you encounter. If you’re unsure whether something is a bug, please ask on the Dotty gitter channel.

Dotty Doc

Dotty has added support for Dotty Doc. Actually, the dotty documentation site https://dotty.epfl.ch/docs/ is generated by it. Looks nice, doesn’t it?

#Other implemented features:

This release ships with the following features:


The Dotty team and contributors have closed 750 issues and have merged a total of 1258 pull requests.

Concretely, according to

git ls-tree -r -z --name-only HEAD -- |egrep -z -Z -E '\.(scala)$'| xargs -0 -n1 git blame --line-porcelain |grep "^author "|sort|uniq -c|sort -nr

71 people contributed code, tests, and/or documentation to Dotty 0.1.2-RC1. The following people have contributed to this release:

commitsblame linesName
434682017Martin Odersky
128883070Dmitry Petrashko
1935382Samuel Gruetter
82620148Felix Mulder
56710454Guillaume Martres
1365311liu fengyun
1894449Nicolas Stucki
213717Sébastien Doeraene
301711Ondrej Lhotak
331094Enno Runne
47735Olivier Blanvillain
4480Valthor Halldorsson
7343Aleksander Boruch-Gruszecki
8143Clemens Winter
16133Jason Zaugg
3116Miron Aseev
4109Shane Delmore
5100Alexander Myltsev
596Abel Nieto
192Dmitry Melnichenko
2288Jonathan Brachthäuser
587Guillaume Massé
264Tobias Schlatter
451Ólafur Páll Geirsson
449Sebastian Harko
248Andrew Zurn
143Jarrod Janssen
143Igor Mielientiev
235Thiago Pereira
532Martijn Hoekstra
126Bartosz Krasiński
124Adam Trousdale
1022Aggelos Biboudis
1220Paolo G. Giarrusso
117Jon-Anders Teigen
1716Vlad Ureche
116Jyotman Singh
415Lucas Burson
112Markus Hauck
311Varunram Ganesh
211Reto Hablützel
310Allan Renucci
49Sarunas Valaskevicius
19Csongor Kiss
65Nada Amin
14Kazuyoshi Kato
13Jonathan Rodriguez
30Edmund Noble
30Allan Renucci
20Lukas Rytz
20Jan Christopher Vogt
20Raymond Tay
10Matthias Sperl
10Herdy Handoko
10Grzegorz Kossakowski
10George Leontiev
10Sandro Stucki
10Adriaan Moors
10Simon Hafner