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scaladoc is a tool to generate documentation for your Scala 3 projects. It provides similar features to javadoc as well as jekyll or docusaurus.

As you probably have guessed, this whole site was created using scaladoc.

Built-in blog

Scaladoc allows you to include a simple blog in your documentation. For now, it provides only basic features. In the future, we plan to include more advanced features like tagging or author pages.

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Linking documentation

Scaladoc's main feature is creating API documentation from code comments.

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Scaladoc docstrings - specific Tags and Features

This chapter describes how to correctly write docstrings and how to use all the available features of scaladoc. Since many things are the same as in the old scaladoc, some parts are reused from this article

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Scaladoc settings

This chapter lists the configuration options that can be used when calling scaladoc. Some of the information shown here can be found by calling scaladoc with the -help flag.

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Site versioning

Scaladoc provides a convenient way to switch between different versions of the documentation. The feature is useful if we want to expose older docs for users that didn't migrate to the new version of our library.

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Static documentation

Scaladoc can generate static sites, known from Jekyll or Docusaurus. Having a combined tool allows providing interaction between static documentation and API, thus allowing the two to blend naturally.

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Other extensions

We would love to have your feedback on what you think would be good in order to render the documentation you want! Perhaps you would like to render method definitions or members? Do you want to have runnable code snippets? Let us know by filing issues!