Built-in blog

Scaladoc allows you to include a simple blog in your documentation. For now, it provides only basic features. In the future, we plan to include more advanced features like tagging or author pages.

Blog is treated a little differently than regular static sites. This article will help you set up your own blog.

Proper directory setup

All your blogposts must be put under blog/_posts directory.

├── blog
│   ├── _posts
│   │   └── 2016-12-05-implicit-function-types.md
│   └── index.html

If you are using yaml sidebar don't forget to place

    - title: Blog

somewhere inside the yaml tree representing the sidebar sections. Scaladoc will attach under that section all of your blogposts.

Naming convention

All the blogpost filenames should start with date in numeric format matching YYYY-MM-DD. Example name is 2015-10-23-dotty-compiler-bootstraps.md.