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Opaque Type Aliases

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Opaque types aliases provide type abstraction without any overhead. Example:

opaque type Logarithm = Double

This introduces Logarithm as a new type, which is implemented as Double but is different from it. The fact that Logarithm is the same as Double is only known in the companion object of Logarithm. Here is a possible companion object:

object Logarithm {

  // These are the ways to lift to the logarithm type
  def apply(d: Double): Logarithm = math.log(d)

  def safe(d: Double): Option[Logarithm] =
    if (d > 0.0) Some(math.log(d)) else None

  // This is the first way to unlift the logarithm type
  def exponent(l: Logarithm): Double = l

  // Extension methods define opaque types' public APIs
  implicit class LogarithmOps(val `this`: Logarithm) extends AnyVal {
    // This is the second way to unlift the logarithm type
    def toDouble: Double = math.exp(`this`)
    def +(that: Logarithm): Logarithm = Logarithm(math.exp(`this`) + math.exp(that))
    def *(that: Logarithm): Logarithm = Logarithm(`this` + that)

The companion object contains with the apply and safe methods ways to convert from doubles to Logarithm values. It also adds an exponent function and a decorator that implements + and * on logarithm values, as well as a conversion toDouble. All this is possible because within object Logarithm, the type Logarithm is just an alias of Double.

Outside the companion object, Logarithm is treated as a new abstract type. So the following operations would be valid because they use functionality implemented in the Logarithm object.

  val l = Logarithm(1.0)
  val l2 = Logarithm(2.0)
  val l3 = l * l2
  val l4 = l + l2

But the following operations would lead to type errors:

  val d: Double = l       // error: found: Logarithm, required: Double
  val l2: Logarithm = 1.0 // error: found: Double, required: Logarithm
  l * 2                   // error: found: Int(2), required: Logarithm
  l / l2                  // error: `/` is not a member fo Logarithm

opaque is a soft modifier.

For more details, see Scala SIP 35.