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object Exprs
extends Object with Serializable

All implementations of Expr[T]. These should never be used directly.

[-] Constructors

[-] Members

[+] final class FunctionAppliedTo

An Expr representing '{($f).apply($x1, ..., $xn)} but it is beta-reduced when the closure is known

[+] final class LiftedExpr

An Expr backed by a lifted value. Values can only be of type Boolean, Byte, Short, Char, Int, Long, Float, Double, Unit, String or Null.

[+] final class TastyExpr

An Expr backed by a pickled TASTY tree

[+] final class TastyTreeExpr

An Expr backed by a tree. Only the current compiler trees are allowed.

These expressions are used for arguments of macros. They contain and actual tree from the program that is being expanded by the macro.

May contain references to code defined outside this TastyTreeExpr instance.