object ScalaRunTime

The object ScalaRunTime provides support methods required by the scala runtime. All these methods should be considered outside the API and subject to change or removal without notice.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def anyValClass[T <: AnyVal](value: T)(`evidence$1`: ClassTag[T]): Class[T]

Return the class object representing an unboxed value type, e.g., classOf[int], not classOf[java.lang.Integer]. The compiler rewrites expressions like 5.getClass to come here.

def arrayClass(clazz: Class[_]): Class[_]

Return the class object representing an array with element class clazz.

def array_apply(xs: AnyRef, idx: Int): Any

Retrieve generic array element

def array_clone(xs: AnyRef): AnyRef
def array_length(xs: AnyRef): Int

Get generic array length

def array_update(xs: AnyRef, idx: Int, value: Any): Unit

update generic array element

def drop[Repr](coll: Repr, num: Int)(iterable: IsIterable[Repr] { type C <: Repr; }): Repr
def isArray(x: Any, atLevel: Int): Boolean
def replStringOf(arg: Any, maxElements: Int): String

stringOf formatted for use in a repl result.

def stringOf(arg: Any): String

Given any Scala value, convert it to a String.

The primary motivation for this method is to provide a means for correctly obtaining a String representation of a value, while avoiding the pitfalls of naively calling toString on said value. In particular, it addresses the fact that (a) toString cannot be called on null and (b) depending on the apparent type of an array, toString may or may not print it in a human-readable form.

Value Params

the value to stringify


a string representation of arg.

def stringOf(arg: Any, maxElements: Int): String
def toArray[T](xs: Seq[T]): Array[AnyRef]
def toObjectArray(src: AnyRef): Array[Object]

Convert an array to an object array. Needed to deal with vararg arguments of primitive types that are passed to a generic Java vararg parameter T ...

A helper for case classes.

def wrapRefArray[T <: AnyRef](xs: Array[T]): ArraySeq[T]