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Command Cheatsheet

sbt commands

Below is a cheat sheet of some frequently used commands to be used from SBT console – sbt.

Command Description
scala3/scalac Run the compiler directly, with any current changes.
scala3/scala Run the main method of a given class name.
scalac ../issues/Playground.scala Compile the given file – path relative to the Dotty directory. Output the compiled class files to the Dotty directory itself.
scala Playground Run the compiled class Playground. Dotty directory is on classpath by default.
repl Start REPL
scala3/scalac -print-tasty Foo.tasty Print the TASTy of top-level class Foo
scala3-bootstrapped/test Run all tests for Scala 3. (Slow, recommended for CI only)
scala3-bootstrapped/publishLocal Build Scala 3 locally. (Use to debug a specific project)
testOnly dotty.tools.dotc.CompilationTests -- *pos Run test (method) pos from CompilationTests suite.
testCompilation sample In all test suites, run test files containing the word sample in their title.
scala3-compiler/Test/runMain dotty.tools.printTypes Print types underlying representation
scaladoc/generateScalaDocumentation Build the documentation website (published to https://dotty.epfl.ch)
scaladoc/generateReferenceDocumentation Build the reference documentation website (published to https://docs.scala-lang.org/scala3/reference)

Shell Commands

Below is a cheat sheet of some frequently used commands to be used from your shell.

Command Description
rm -rv *.tasty *.class out || true clean all compiled artifacts, from root dotty directory
git clean -fdx a full clean of all files in the codebase not tracked by git