trait Dynamic

A marker trait that enables dynamic invocations. Instances x of this trait allow method invocations x.meth(args) for arbitrary method names meth and argument lists args as well as field accesses x.field for arbitrary field names field.

If a call is not natively supported by x (i.e. if type checking fails), it is rewritten according to the following rules:

foo.method("blah") ~~> foo.applyDynamic("method")("blah") foo.method(x = "blah") ~~> foo.applyDynamicNamed("method")(("x", "blah")) foo.method(x = 1, 2) ~~> foo.applyDynamicNamed("method")(("x", 1), ("", 2)) foo.field ~~> foo.selectDynamic("field") foo.varia = 10 ~~> foo.updateDynamic("varia")(10) foo.arr(10) = 13 ~~> foo.selectDynamic("arr").update(10, 13) foo.arr(10) ~~> foo.applyDynamic("arr")(10)

As of Scala 2.10, defining direct or indirect subclasses of this trait is only possible if the language feature dynamics is enabled.

class Any