final class deprecatedInheritance(message: String, since: String) extends ConstantAnnotation

An annotation that designates that inheriting from a class is deprecated.

This is usually done to warn about a non-final class being made final in a future version. Sub-classing such a class then generates a warning.

No warnings are generated if the subclass is in the same compilation unit.

Library authors should state the library's deprecation policy in their documentation to give developers guidance on when a type annotated with @deprecatedInheritance will be finalized.

Library authors should prepend the name of their library to the version number to help developers distinguish deprecations coming from different libraries:

@deprecatedInheritance("this class will be made final", "FooLib 12.0")
class Foo
val foo = new Foo     // no deprecation warning
class Bar extends Foo
// warning: inheritance from class Foo is deprecated (since FooLib 12.0): this class will be made final
// class Bar extends Foo
//                   ^

Value parameters


the message to print during compilation if the class was sub-classed


a string identifying the first version in which inheritance was deprecated


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