class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Type members


class Appended[+A](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A], elem: A) extends Appended[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]
class Concat[A](prefix: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A], suffix: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A]) extends Concat[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]
class Drop[A](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A], n: Int) extends Drop[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]
class DropRight[A](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A], n: Int) extends DropRight[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]
class Id[+A](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A]) extends Id[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]
class Map[A, B](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A], f: A => B) extends Map[A, B] with IndexedSeqView[B]
class Prepended[+A](elem: A, underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A]) extends Prepended[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]
class Reverse[A](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A]) extends Reverse[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]
class Slice[A](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A], from: Int, until: Int) extends AbstractIndexedSeqView[A]
class Take[A](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A], n: Int) extends Take[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]
class TakeRight[A](underlying: SomeIndexedSeqOps[A], n: Int) extends TakeRight[A] with IndexedSeqView[A]


type SomeIndexedSeqOps[A] = IndexedSeqOps[A, AnyConstr, _]

An IndexedSeqOps whose collection type and collection type constructor are unknown