class IterableNonGenericHasParStream[A, C <: IterableOnce[_]](c: C)(ev: C <:< IterableOnce[A])
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def asJavaParStream[S <: BaseStream[_, _], St <: Stepper[_]](s: StreamShape[A, S, St], st: StepperShape[A, St], @implicitNotFound("`parStream` can only be called on collections where `stepper` returns a `Stepper with EfficientSplit`") isEfficient: C <:< IterableOnce[A] { def stepper[S <: Stepper[_]](shape: StepperShape[A, S]): S & EfficientSplit; ; }): S

Create a parallel Java Stream for this collection. If the collection contains primitive values, a corresponding specialized Stream is returned (e.g., IntStream).