class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Type members


An implicit AccumulatorFactoryInfo connects primitive element types to the corresponding specialized scala.jdk.Accumulator factory. This is used in the stream.toScala extension methods to ensure collecting a primitive stream into a primitive accumulator does not box.

When converting to a collection other than Accumulator, the generic noAccumulatorFactoryInfo is passed.

sealed trait StreamShape[T, S <: BaseStream[_, _], St <: Stepper[_]]

An implicit StreamShape instance connects element types with the corresponding specialized Stream and Stepper types. This is used in asJavaStream extension methods to create generic or primitive streams according to the element type.

sealed trait StreamUnboxer[A, S]

Connects a stream element type A to the corresponding, potentially specialized, Stream type. Used in the stream.asJavaPrimitiveStream extension method.