trait Clearable

This trait forms part of collections that can be cleared with a clear() call.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
trait Growable[A]
trait Buffer[A]
class ArrayBuffer[A]
class ArrayDeque[A]
class Queue[A]
class Stack[A]
class ListBuffer[A]
trait Builder[A, To]
class Builder[K, V]
trait MapOps[K, V, CC, C]
class TrieMap[K, V]
class AnyRefMap[K, V]
class HashMap[K, V]
class LinkedHashMap[K, V]
class ListMap[K, V]
class LongMap[V]
trait Map[K, V]
trait Map[K, V]
class AbstractMap[K, V]
class WithDefault[K, V]
class WithDefault[K, V]
class TreeMap[K, V]
trait MultiMap[K, V]
trait SeqMap[K, V]
trait SortedMap[K, V]
trait SortedMapOps[K, V, CC, C]
class ofBoolean
class ofByte
class ofChar
class ofDouble
class ofFloat
class ofInt
class ofLong
class ofRef[T]
class ofShort
class ofUnit
trait SetOps[A, CC, C]
class HashSet[A]
trait Set[A]
class AbstractSet[A]
class BitSet
class TreeSet[A]
trait SortedSet[A]
trait SortedSetOps[A, CC, C]
class Accumulator[A, CC, C]

Value members

Abstract methods

def clear(): Unit

Clears the collection's contents.

Clears the collection's contents. After this operation, the collection is empty.