T trait


extends Any

A marker trait for objects that support structural selection via selectDynamic and applyDynamic

Implementation classes should define, or make available as extension methods, the following two method signatures:

def selectDynamic(name: String): Any def applyDynamic(name: String)(args: Any*): Any =

selectDynamic is invoked for simple selections v.m, whereas applyDynamic is invoked for selections with arguments v.m(...). If there's only one kind of selection, the method supporting the other may be omitted. The applyDynamic can also have a second parameter list of class tag arguments, i.e. it may alternatively have the signature

def applyDynamic(name: String, paramClasses: ClassTag[_])(args: Any): Any

In this case the call will synthesize ClassTag arguments for all formal parameter types of the method in the structural type.