class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def apply(encoding: String): Codec
def apply(charSet: Charset): Codec
def apply(decoder: CharsetDecoder): Codec

Optimistically these two possible defaults will be the same thing. In practice this is not necessarily true, and in fact Sun classifies the fact that you can influence anything at all via -Dfile.encoding as an accident, with any anomalies considered "not a bug".

@migration("This method was previously misnamed `toUTF8`. Converts from Array[Byte] to Array[Char].", "2.9.0")
def fromUTF8(bytes: Array[Byte]): Array[Char]
def fromUTF8(bytes: Array[Byte], offset: Int, len: Int): Array[Char]
@migration("This method was previously misnamed `fromUTF8`. Converts from character sequence to Array[Byte].", "2.9.0")
def toUTF8(chars: Array[Char], offset: Int, len: Int): Array[Byte]

Concrete fields

final val ISO8859: Codec
final val UTF8: Codec



implicit def charset2codec(c: Charset): Codec
implicit def string2codec(s: String): Codec

Inherited implicits

implicit lazy val fallbackSystemCodec: Codec

The Codec of Last Resort.