object NonFatal

Extractor of non-fatal Throwables. Will not match fatal errors like VirtualMachineError (for example, OutOfMemoryError and StackOverflowError, subclasses of VirtualMachineError), ThreadDeath, LinkageError, InterruptedException, ControlThrowable.

Note that scala.util.control.ControlThrowable, an internal Throwable, is not matched by NonFatal (and would therefore be thrown).

For example, all harmless Throwables can be caught by:

try { // dangerous stuff } catch { case NonFatal(e) => log.error(e, "Something not that bad.") // or case e if NonFatal(e) => log.error(e, "Something not that bad.") }
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

Returns true if the provided Throwable is to be considered non-fatal, or false if it is to be considered fatal

Returns Some(t) if NonFatal(t) == true, otherwise None