Provide implicit conversions for the factories offered by scala.sys.process.Process's companion object. These implicits can then be used to decrease the noise in a pipeline of commands, making it look more shell-like. They are available through the package object scala.sys.process.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any



implicit def builderToProcess(builder: JProcessBuilder): ProcessBuilder

Implicitly convert a java.lang.ProcessBuilder into a Scala one.

implicit def buildersToProcess[T](builders: Seq[T])(convert: T => Source): Seq[Source]

Return a sequence of scala.sys.process.ProcessBuilder.Source from a sequence of values for which an implicit conversion to Source is available.

implicit def fileToProcess(file: File): FileBuilder

Implicitly convert a into a scala.sys.process.ProcessBuilder.FileBuilder, which can be used as either input or output of a process. For example:

import scala.sys.process._ "ls" #> new"dirContents.txt") !
implicit def stringSeqToProcess(command: Seq[String]): ProcessBuilder

Implicitly convert a sequence of String into a scala.sys.process.ProcessBuilder. The first argument will be taken to be the command to be executed, and the remaining will be its arguments. When using this, arguments may contain spaces.

implicit def stringToProcess(command: String): ProcessBuilder

Implicitly convert a String into a scala.sys.process.ProcessBuilder.

implicit def urlToProcess(url: URL): URLBuilder

Implicitly convert a into a scala.sys.process.ProcessBuilder.URLBuilder , which can be used as input to a process. For example:

import scala.sys.process._ Seq("xmllint", "--html", "-") #< new"") #> new"fixed.html") !